CSG Jubilee–a huge success!Oct. 15th

As you may have noticed from my Facebook page, we were very busy last week getting ready for the Columbus School for Girls Jubilee fund raising event that took place over the weekend.  While there was plenty of work involved, it was truly worth every effort.  In fact, all the work was worth it just to have met a few of the many inspirational women that came to Bexley from around the country–not because there was tremendous amounts of money to be made, but because it is our craft, it was what we do, it is what fulfills us–besides family and friends.  The volunteers for this year’s Jubilee were amazing.  So many parents–moms and dads–of the CSG family volunteered and made this event wonderful in every way!

The Jacks and Hopscotch were a favorite stocking stuffer for the upcoming holidays.  $10.00

This is an embroidered pillow case–add your little one’s name and it’s a great way to bring a little of the holidays into the bedroom. It reads:  “Dear Santa, I’ve been good.  Ps:  bring presents”  Adorable and a great gift from Auntie or Grandma at $22.00

And the handmade santas and snowmen were a favorite for that special someone that has everything.

The best part of Jubilee was reconnecting with friends that I made through La Belle Maison.  It was so much fun to see familiar faces and give and take a few hugs from folks that started out as customers and ended up as friends.  And that’s what  really makes it all worthwhile!



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