A peek around…Jan. 7th


Ever wonder what a long-time shop keeper’s home looks like? Please feel free to take a peek around…

williard_56Silver, sparkly and “not real” works best for me…lucky husband.

williard_51White linens and white towels–always (bleachable, as per Susabelle, aka: my mother)

williard_48Because stacking pictures is so much more visually interesting.

williard_26I love Thibaut fabrics as you will see in future posts and pictures in this house tour category.


williard_33This is a lovely Pottery Barn desk in my bedroom; the candle from Linnea’s Lights is just the right scent for a bedroom (not too heavy or sweet); the chair is a Home Goods fabulous find and the little lumbar pillow is from Target–the colors were perfect.  How could I pass it up?

williard_41And last for this post, this is the upstairs Master Bath.  I can never get enough of the clean lines and black and white in this room.


More pics coming down the road.  Please come back to visit soon!

{Compelled}Jan. 26th

Have you ever felt compelled to do something?  Lately, for whatever reason, I have felt compelled to go back to doing a few things from my younger days.  The first is running.  The last time I did any running was in high school. No, not on the track team–definitely not that kind of running.  But,  I would run (maybe jog is a better word) down Main Street to my friend Tina’s house and back.  It was a good mile (big whip!) or so of pure bliss.  From waving to people driving by to working up a good sweat…it just made me happy. Maybe it was seeing the people more than the running/jogging. Either way.   If only my knees where as good as they were back then….The other “thing” that I am compelled to do is journal. I haven’t written in a journal in years.  When was the last time you wrote in a journal?  Journaling (word press has a squiggly red line under this word, so I must have made this word up, ha!) frees up my brain– it is cathartic to just get things down on paper, isn’t it?   Nothing is as bad as it seems and the good is even better when you reread your thoughts down the road.  Life ends up getting busy and the journal gets put to the side, but that’s ok…I forgive myself.    The journaling starts up again tonight (after the Grammy’s, of course) and the running/jogging…well, I will let you know after I schedule my  knee injections.

Check out our journals-NEW for 2014!

timthumb.php Paris-WNJ-4855-03 Bike-WNJ-4854-03 4786-write-now-books-03 4783-write-now-photography-03




The {GOOD} News and the not so good….Jan. 15th

The good news:  we have been so busy over the holidays–THANKS TO YOU–and we are in the process of reloading for 2014!  The not so good news:  we have ignored our little blog! But, we are getting back on track!

Have a look at the homepage redesign-just ignore the dust from the holidays–we are still doing a bit of sprucing.   We hope you will think the updates to be ever so “lovely”.  New items are being added daily and if you are in search of a sweet little something for a Valentine treat, find it here in our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

Have a wonderful 2014!  We are looking forward to continuing to grow and learn from our experiences– all to bring you an even better site to shop in 2014!


‘Tis the season for {hostess} giftingNov. 13th

“Never show up empty handed”  is simple but sage advice for the upcoming party season.  Whether you are invited to a work party, dinner at the in-laws, or your neighbor’s casual get together, a well-thought, not necessarily expensive, hostess gift is such a thoughtful way to say “hey, we appreciate the invitation”.   Just a little something will go a long way to let the host and/or hostess know you appreciate their efforts to make the evening special.

It’s easy to add one of our top ten favorites to the traditional bottle of wine to take it up a notch on the thoughtful ladder.  Best of all, no need to chase all over town for something cute. Just point and click and have your favorite finds delivered right to your doorstep!

Here are our top ten favorite hostess gifts–sure to get you invited back to the next soiree:

A fun cocktail napkin to take along with a bottle of wine.

turkeytime-rxIf you know that the “annual” holiday party is approaching, be a dear an order something personalized for the host/hostess.  Order these Personalized Notepads.  They come with a “not soon to be forgotten” guarantee.

notepads_1 This darling decoupaged plate of a map of the North Pole will be sure to find it’s way into your host’s annual holiday decor.  No regifting of this little number,  for sure! North-Pole-Holiday-Decoupage-Tray For some reason, I never tire of adding more paper products to the site.  I have a love affair with paper–always have–always will.  I just don’t think you can go wrong with a beautiful mousepad notepad from our Alexa Pulitzer collection.  The empire bee mousepad notepad is fresh and will go on any desk beautifully.

Alexa-Pulitzer-Mousepad-Notepad-Empire-BeeHaving a holiday party can be a bit stressful.  Let the hostess know that it’s not what’s on the table that counts, but truly what’s in the chairs.  Fill this oh-so-giftable mug from Curly Girl Design with a gift card from your LOCAL coffee shop for an extra special treat.

cookYou know, there are just somethings we would love to have, but really just wouldn’t buy for ourselves. At least that is how I am.  I think this coffee scoop falls into that category.  Wouldn’t it be a little more fun to scoop with this rooster scoop than the plastic one?  Your host will surely agree. And just think, you will be thought of with every pot!

cockadoodle-rxInspirational coffee table books are a perfect way to say “thank you”.  This holiday inspired gift book, Be Merry,  is filled with the right sentiments, and the right reasons to celebrate the season. Simply put, PERFECT!

Be Merry-book-4842-03Certainly, you didn’t think a blog post would go by without mentioning a flour sack towel. Let’s put it this way, I could have a whole store filled with flour sack towels and paper. Not sure what I would name it– but I digress.  Here is another gift that people love to have, but settle for less.  Our Bon Appetit towel is a darling gift.  Consider adding a lovely cheese and your are all set.

-Bon-Appetit---Flour-SackTowelIt’s not really fair to assume the party thrower is always female. Is it?  And with that in mind, comes our next selection for top host/hostess gifts for 2013.  We will assume, though, that said host likes something a little inspirational for his desk.  This catch-all will be a hit! Find our inspirational quote desk tray here.

-desk-tray-for-menIn fact, here are two for the gentleman host.  This owl candle, by Patch NYC, has just the right hint of masculinity. With an incredible 72 hour burn time, this wise, old owl, would be the perfect touch for an office, bedroom, or anywhere throughout the home when floral scents just won’t do.

2013-08-08_1733That rounds out our top ten favorite hostess gift for Holiday 2013.  I hope that you are always up for a get together and that we have made it simple to show your appreciation.  Don’t forget, stocking the gift cupboard is as easy as point and click at SusabelleBoutique.com







Curly Girl Designs Holiday CardsOct. 28th


2013-10-09_0815Leigh Standley’s, creator of Curly Girl Designs, witty cards and gifts captured the heart of La Belle Maison way back in the early 2000’s when the store was just getting started.  She has a way of teasing out- with just a few lines- what so many of our hearts are thinking.  Her adorable illustrations add precisely what the words were looking for.  Sometimes I read her cards and wonder if somehow she knows me personally.

This holiday season, if you are looking to send a card that includes a heartfelt message, look no further than our collection of Curly Girl Design Holiday cards.  Here are our favorites selections for 2013–including a few new designs.   Remember, folks order in fairly large quantities, so they sell out quickly! And we ALWAYS offer free shipping on all Curly Girl products! Do you have a Curly Girl Designs favorite?






Curly-Girl-Designs--Champagne-and-Cupcakes--Holiday-Boxed-CardsgooseCurly-Girl-Designs--Tis-the-Season--Holiday-Boxed-Cards Check out  all of our Curly Girl Design holiday cards  here. And the entire Curly Girl Collection here– we have added a few chalkboard art mugs and just a few keychains to the mix. And don’t forget to be an early birdie to get the best selection!



Fall Faves 2013Oct. 17th

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers”–LM Montgomery

Isn’t it simply amazing how summer bows out gracefully to give way to the fabulous colors and scents of fall? It is an annual dance, that while I initially resist, end up loving to watch.  The middle of October seems to be upon us and it’s nearly time for us to start readying for the holidays.  But, in the meantime, let’s enjoy what we love the most about fall.


description-of-autumnFalling leaves:  Free: courtesy of mother nature; photo courtesy of Tumblr

05956_KP1023_mWe’ve decided that a fun sweater to add just a bit of quirkiness is the shabang for fall.  Why bother with the same old tone on tone sweater set when you can spice it up with this little number from J. Crew?

2013-09-04_1418Speaking of spicing it up, let’s bring a little bit of the season indoors with this fabulous  new scent from Linnea’s Lights, Vanilla Noir.  This candle intertwines creamy and exotic Madagascar bourbon vanilla with undertones of soft woods and musk.  Yummy for a fall evening snuggled with your special someone.

4123BolbWdLBring a bit of fall into the kitchen or take this fall-infused flour sack towel along as a perfect hostess gift.  Mary Lake Thompson has been a favorite forever.


2013-10-10_0805Our favorite new baby hat collection would be the perfect touch of Halloween for the wee ones too small for a costume.  What a terrific baby gift for the upcoming, oops, we are just going to enjoy fall and not talk about what’s around the corner, right?

Cozy sweaters, pumpkin and vanilla everything, jumping in the leaves, and warm apple cider all add up to bring us all to one place:  home again.  And it’s from the comfort of  home that we can look out our very own windows to catch glimpses of the dance and just enjoy it.

Kindest Regards,


Artist Spotlight-Ann PageOct. 4th

Allow us to introduce one of our favorite stationery lines–Ann Page. Based in Houston, Texas, the Ann Page line offers notepads, flat notecards, personalized gift wrap, placemats, die cut notecards and so much more. We fell head over heels for the crisp colors and trendy patterns of this line.

Virginia Thomas is the owner and creative mind behind Ann Page. After Virginia’s father suffered a stroke in 2010, Virginia decided that was life too short and left behind the corporate world to do something new and exciting. So, with the support of her husband and an inherited entrepreneurial spirit, Virginia launched Ann Page.  Her line debuted to rave reviews at the Dallas Gift show in January 2012.

beachhouse-rxCurious as to where the company’s name comes from? Well, Page is Virginia’s middle name and Ann is the middle name of her dear friend that was helping her decide on the name of the company. Put the two names together and you have Ann Page. She needed for the name to be two words, easy, and catchy! Mission accomplished! Ann Page sticks!

DSC_0026image via pretty pink tulips

Virginia creates the line based on colors and products that she loves and would buy herself. Creating pieces that customers wouldn’t find elsewhere, the Ann Page team strives to deliver exactly that. From fashion trending patterns like Chevron and preppy whales to monograms in rich colors like vibrant orange, saturated red, and sunshine yellow, Ann Page pulls it all together for a fresh and fashion-forward stationery line.


Whether you are searching for a fabulous personalized gift, a nautical themed notepad for your beach vacation hostess or even extra special personalized wrapping paper for the holidays, Ann Page has you covered. We are delighted to offer the line at Susabelle Boutique. For a quick find, locate all of our Ann Page offerings here.



Equestrian Inspired GiftsSep. 25th

Somethings are just eternally classic–Kathy Hepburn, cardigans, a long string of pearls, leopard ballet flats, and the forever classic horse bit.  The equestrian theme was bigger than ever this year at market.  We spotted equestrian inspired “bits and pieces” in nearly every showroom.  Here are our favorites that we have added to our collection.

For the bracelet lover:  mix these with a few gold bangles for a sweet little collection of bracelets.

blackenamelbraceletwithgoldBR-BEL-GLD-ORNext, add a string of pearls and these horse bit earrings for a classic look with a white blouse and denim.  horsebitearringgold-rx

Pumpkin Crunch CakeSep. 5th

I can feel the change in the air.  Can you?  It’s time to change things up around the house.  One thing I always do is change candle scents.  It is definitely time to start burning Linnea’s Lights Pumpkin Candle.  It was a favorite last year and is back in stock at Susabelle Boutique.


The scent of pumpkinny-goodness reminds me of  this recipe for Pumpkin Crunch Cake.  It is written on a piece of paper that has Grove Park Inn and Country Club on it.  I am not sure if this is a recipe from there, but I have made this in the fall for years on end and enjoy it with a cup of coffee.  I just thought it would be a nice recipe to share with cooler weather right around the corner.

Pumpkin Crunch Cake –from the Grove Park Inn–maybe :)

1 box yellow cake mix (pudding type)

1C. pumpkin

1/2 C. water

1/3 C. oil

3 eggs

1 tsp. pumpkin pie spice


1 C. brown sugar

2 tsp. cinnamon

2 tbsp. melted butter

1 C. nuts

2 tbsp. flour

Spread 1/2 battter in 13×9 pan.  Then crunch. Remaining batter and crunch.  Bake at 350° 45-50 minutes.

Serve with cool whip.


Yummy! and best of all Simple!

Kindest Regards,



Atlanta Market 2013 favorite finds!Aug. 26th

2013-08-15_1521As promised, here are a few of our favorite finds from Market 2013.  After all these years of going to market, it’s amazing that vendors continue to impress with new offerings, expansions to their lines, and so many creative displays.  While it sounds totally glamorous and exciting, “market” can be down right exhausting–to be totally honest.  Hours of decision making and miles of walking showroom after showroom to try to find the next new and exciting story can be quite the challenge.  None the less, the process draws me in time and time again.  Here are a few pieces of what we love as gifts for the change of seasons and holidays 2013.

539752_470477763000646_1644072991_nSometimes it just takes a little bit of color to lighten up the load of the mundane tasks of daily living.  These adorable laundry bags are a perfect way to make laundry day a little more chic.  One of our favorite finds for Fall 2013 for sure. These guys aren’t in yet, but they are on the way!

karenadamsnotecardsequestriWe are really working hard to create fun new ways to shop SBB.  And one of the ways is to create new “categories” of shopping like “for the equestrian”; We came across this collection of notecards from Karen Adams and knew they were a must have for our already fabulous Karen Adams Collection. By the way,  have you re-ordered your Karen Adams calendar yet? We are on our second order and once they are gone, they are gone.  Here’s a look at the 2014 edition.

Cal_Gold_2014_grandeIn the way of new baby gifts, we fell in love with the flash cards from Cid Pear.  We just couldn’t resist adding these to our baby offerings.

123flashcards-rxOnly one thing to say about this adorable flour sack towel:  #truthhappywifehappylifefloursackAnd last but not least,  we got the impression that tortoise and gold is going to be a smash hit this year.  Here is one of our favorite new bracelets from Wimberly.  This tortoise with Zodiac charm bracelet is a classic piece for any style.  Pick your initial or your zodiac sign.  Great for any occasion, but what a wonderful birthday gift for your BFF!

tortoise_brac_zod_largeWhile we could go on and on with things we love, we will just leave it at this.  Remember to check the site often…loads of new up and more on the way!  You guys rock!  Thanks for all the positive feedback.  You keep us going!


Kindest Regards,